Monday, December 07, 2015

We do it our way (oy)

You may have heard of male pattern baldness.  Well, try this version of baldness on for size--I've noticed that my hair seems to be thinning at roughly the place where the back edge of my shel rosh/head tefillin is bound to my head by the r'tzuah/strap.  Is this typical for people who wear tefillin?

Here's another version:  I've read complaints on the internet that some Orthodox married women who cover their hair suffer not only from headaches, but also from hair loss.

And my husband tells me that it's not only traditional women, but also traditional men, who suffer hair loss from following a traditional practice--he says that some men who wear kippot (yarmulkes, skullcaps) at all times (as opposed to, for example, when praying, studying, and/or eating) lose the hair under their kippot.

Maybe we should call this "Jewish pattern baldness."  Oy.

On a more cheerful note, Happy Chanukah!  Here, have some Chanukah links--they're less caloric than either latkes or sufganiyot.  :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

never had a problem with my tefillin, nor do I know anyone who has. and most men lose hair under their kippot because that's the typical spot of a bald spot. Nothing to do with a kippah. The guys I know who have kept their hair have not problems under their kippah. And I went bald with a receding hairline and still have some hair under where my kippah rests.

Tue Dec 08, 08:50:00 AM 2015  
Blogger Shira Salamone said...

Go figure. Maybe my hair is thinning just because thin hair runs in my family, on my mother's side. Funny thing, though, that my hair is thinning in that particular place, but perhaps it's just a coincidence.

Tue Dec 08, 11:04:00 AM 2015  

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